Matt Paul Catalano

Matt grew up in New Jersey during the 80s and 90s.  His father was an avid traveler and amateur photographer and one of the seeding factors that led Matt into his interests in photography and the ocean. 

From an early age Matt spent much of his time at the beach and became addicted to everything about the ocean and what it could offer.  During school he began documenting surf culture in NJ and internationally, publishing a series of movies in the early 2000s with a partner.  These projects and travels kickstarted his journey in ocean visuals and led him to continue documenting.

From 2000-2004 Matt attended Wake Forest University and Lehigh University in pursuit of a BS in business & economics.  He graduated with honors and took employment as financial consultant in 2005 for a year before transitioning to remote role through 2012 eventually leading to his managing a small team of developers in Bangalore, India.  Matt's flexible work situation allowed him to work from anywhere in the world and funded his work in ocean and surf photography in tandem.  In 2012, Matt went full time into visuals and expanded on his efforts as an artist and part-time photographer from shooting surf tour events to non-profit projects around the globe.    

Matt continues to shoot on all mediums and is currently focusing on cinematography and motion projects.